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Her Handyman


Throw a crazy canine, a handyman, and a quirky artist together and you've got mayhem!

Who'd guess it's Jake, the handyman, who needs rescuing when he answers a call by the distraught artist, Zoe, to stop a toilet flood begun by her crazy canine, FuFu?

Jake's engaged to a sexy, perfect woman, and she's even a great cook! There's no room in his life for a quirky, rich artist, who eats raw vegetables and probably can't even boil an egg -- or is there? Are Jake's perfect plans about to be disrupted?



Sometimes being perfect is not enough. 

When gourmet chef, Angelina, gets dumped by her fiance in favor of a flower child wannabe who can't even boil water, she sets out to prove that she, too, can be imperfect, if that's what it takes to get a man.

While groping for answers to restore her self-confidence, things get terribly confusing. When a famous newscaster she's admired from afar takes an interest in her, a new dilemma presents itself.

Is he the answer to her dreams, or an illusion?

Girl of My Dreams

A temp's good deed goes awry when she subs for a cast member in a reality show to win the prize of a billionaire. All Jillian wants to do is save the producer from an embarrassing situation. All he wants to do is strangle her.

The show must go on. Despite her intentions to get in and out, Jillian advances in the rounds. If she wins the billionaire, does she want him?

Christmas Carol

Little does famous author, Blake Dugan, know that his life will be forever changed when he's stranded on the highway in a snowstorm and gets towed to the small town of Deerview, Wisconsin, where he meets an off-key singing waitress with the intriguing name of Christmas Carol.

Hailey's Chance

Eagerly awaiting the birth of her first child, Hailey has no idea that tragedy awaits her. A neighbor offers a startling suggestion, but Hailey is hesitant to accept for fear of more heartache.


HAILEY'S CHANCE is a story of love, loss, and hope, set in the fictional small town of Deerview, Wisconsin, the same setting as CHRISTMAS CAROL below.


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