Morgan Mandel with her late dog, Rascal, who still remains in Morgan's heart. 


Buster Kegan, Morgan's current fur baby,

is an affectionate miniature pinscher who loves to kiss. Morgan believes her home should never be without a dog!

To the left of Morgan is her husband, Good Paul, as he's known on Facebook.

It still surprises me that I absolutely love dogs. When I was a young girl, I'd cross the street to avoid them. Somewhere along the line, I lost my fear and came to appreciate fur babies.
My romantic comedy, HER HANDYMAN, includes a dog called FuFu, a funny looking Chinese Crested. In case you don't know it, that breed often wins ugliest dog contests. FuFu's antics are the catalyst for handyman, Jake, and rich artist, Zoe, to meet.

Just as with dogs, I entered writing late in the game. In high school, believe it or not, my ambition was to become a secretary. Not very modern of me, but then again that was a long time ago. 
For eons, I remained caught in the rut of taking orders from my lawyer bosses. After a while, that got to me, and I wanted at least some control over my life. I achieved that through writing. With fiction, I could make characters do whatever I wanted. Wait a minute, I take that back. Often, they're the ones in charge, and they tell me what to write. Still, you get my drift.
So, for a while, I worked as a secretary a/k/a administrative assistant, wrote books on the side, had a few of them published, even did some freelancing for the Daily Herald newspaper.
Then the bad economy hit, and I lost my job. What seemed like a tragedy actually became a blessing. Since then, I've had the freedom to write whenever I wish, and never have to worry about pleasing a boss, that is, except for my dog, Rascal, who has a way of demanding treats or a walk at very inopportune times.
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