You might call my books chick lit, fiction, romantic comedy, sweet romance, or contemporary romance. No matter what the label, they all have a happy ever after in common. Along with that, they tend to be fast-paced, poignant and heartwarming, because that's what I enjoy reading.


​Many years ago, my Dad  would take me and my brothers on library excursions. We'd always return with a huge stack of books. One of my favorites was CINDERELLA. I loved that book so much that when the writing bug bit me, I decided to create my own modern day Cinderella story. That's how GIRL OF MY DREAMS was born.​

What  inspired me to write HER HANDYMAN was, of all things, a problem with a running toilet. Neither my husband nor I are handy when it comes to plumbing, so we had to rely on a friend to solve our dilemma. In HER HANDYMAN, Zoe, though a talented artist, is helpless when it comes to household emergencies. Fortunately for her, Jake was only a phone call away.   


After that, I felt sorry for one of the characters in HER HANDYMAN, and decided that she, too, deserved a happy ending. That's how A PERFECT ANGEL was born.    AND THERE'S MORE...



Why I Do Chick-Lit Fiction/Romance


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